Understanding Human Beings

Human beings are delicate creatures who look alike physically, but are different in their behaviours, emotions, thoughts, values, motives, characters, perspectives, goals and so on. Because of these diverse psychological concepts which they can’t live without, but rather made them whom they are is the reason they do behave differently. Human being are like a Mirror, and once you don’t see through them, you will never get to know them, understand them, and feel their pains. Though there are times when behavior is faked and is misinterpreted, but it will be for a short period, because nature can not be cheated no matter how hard we try. What we are feeling or our state of emotion are always portrayed through our body languages, actions and speeches. Body language is a major factor in understanding human beings, and mastering them results in knowing and understanding them more.

There are numerous principles in understanding human beings, but here we will be looking at few

  • know that they behave differently.                                 Behaviour is the way a living creature behaves or acts. Our behaviours are always guided by our emotions, we act out what we feel. As people are different, so as their behaviour and in knowing them, you must learn to understand their behaviour, and moreover, looking further to the reason behind their behaviour will pave a way in knowing them more. Sometimes, things are not actually what it seems, and the reason behind a behaviour explains an individual more not the behaviour exhibited.
  • see from their own perspective.    people will definitely trust you when they have being assured  the right to their feelings, thoughts and ideas, without contradiction, and making them believe you are feeling what they are feeling. When this rapport have being established, they will be free and open, and be true in whatever they say or do.

master their mood.                           Naturally, our moods are always  unstable. The instability of the mood can be caused by psychological, physical, or emotional factors. Every behaviour an individual portrays at any moment, is because of the state of the mood. To understand people, you have to understand their mood, know when they are angry, sad, or happy. Know when they are accommodating or irritated. And by found so, you will know the appropriate time and the right measure to approach them.

  • Allow them to make decisions.      when you must have understood and mastered peoples mood, never force them into making decisions. Allow them to think and make decisions for themselves. Because a decision that one took willingly by himself can be carried out easily compared to one taken for him. Every individual sees himself as being unique, and allowing them to make decisions themselves and respecting it makes them to feel whole and compete.
  • Give necessary aids.                          All you have to do is support people I any way you can. Starting with respecting their opinions and decisions. Always assure them of your availability when needed. Some people only need someone they can trust. Make them believe they are save with you, and make sure not to disappoint them. At time goes on, you will come to realize that these are only what they need and nothing more.
  • Avoid comparison.                            Comparing people makes them feel inferior and unwanted. It is better to encourage someone than comparing them with others. This makes an individual really uncomfortable and irritating by thinking that others are better than him. Ad this will lead to inferiority complex, anger, hatred and other negative factors.


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